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ACK-004 Rabindranath Tagore

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Presenting now is the best known Indian Poet. The only one so far to recieve a noble prize for literature. The man is simply amazing in all respect. Not many people possess so many artistic qualities of such high standards. We owe our national anthem to him.

Rabindranath Tagore played a significant role in bringing about a new awakening in India in the latter half of the nineteenth century. His life and creative work provided the then Indian society with a purpose, direction and a programme. The impact of his personality transcended his native Bengal and came to be felt not only in other parts of India but also abroad.

Tagore was a genius with a many-sided personality. He was a poet, novelist, dramatist, musician, short-story writer, teacher, painter, educationist, philosopher and humanist. Shri Khanolkar, his biographer, describes his life as 'a long dream of colour and music, of beauty and heavenly genius, such as this world has never known before'.

Perhaps no other contemporary Indian had such diverse interests as Tagore had. He was a seeker. He wanted to understand himself; and that he could only do by expressing himself. As the experiences and emotions differed, the media also varied. That is how we have Tagore the poet, Tagore the composer, Tagore the painter and so on.

Although a staunch nationalist, Tagore was a champion of internationalism, touring various countries and pleading for 'one world'.

He has the unique distinction of being the only poet to have two of his songs - Jana Gana Mana and Amar Sonar Bangla - adopted as the national anthem of two countries, India and Bangladesh respectively. Shanti-Niketan stands to this day as a living monument to the Gurudev. He composed over 4,000 songs. His compositions have come to be known as Rabindra Sangeet.

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Indrajal Comics Club said...

gr8 post...

just beg to differ,, if u say one of the best, its great.. but there are many others,,, like mirza ghalib, meer taqui meer, sahir ludhiyanvi,in urdu...harivansh raI bachchan in hindi
kusumagraj and karandikar in marathi.. and many more in many languages...

please note that, i dont want to create any controversy here, i respect him a lot, i am not insulting him, this is my opinion..

my bong bros/sis, jaya bhaduri, rani mukharji,sharmila tagore, saif ali, kareena, please forgive me )

HojO said...

The only one Indian so far to recieve a noble prize for literature.

I guess,the very word,"Nobel Prize" set him(Rabindranath Tagore) from others!!!!...this one achievement set him in aCOMPLETELY diff. height n he got INTERNATIONAL EXPOSER !!

So,while ALL other poets r limited within regional/earnest fans, Rabiguru is IN A HIGHER STANDARD!!!Also,he was versatile .... :-))

But,if one consider the TALENT only,then of'cos India produced many a gr8 poets ,,,even our Bengal's Najrul/Jiwananda Das/Kabi Sukanta etc r NO LESS (in talent) from Rabiguru....but,unfortunetly they don got that exposer....may b same goes wid other regional poets!!

In short,whole world experinced Tagore's amazing creation n thus praised him,,,if they got others,may b they wud have done same,but alas...that's NOT the case! ;-/

HojO said...

Btwn Chandu,
What Karena doing wid Rani Mukherji n Co.?? she's neither 'Bong' nor 'Ghati'! ;-)


TPH said...

I said "best known" and not "the best", that should clear the things up. Who doesn't know him? Though I am not having "Geetanjali" but have read some parts in hindi translation and that is just fabulous.

When talking in terms of national interst, the perspective for judging a poet takes a different approach. Only Sahir qualifies to that among your list of four Hindi/urdu. It would be appropriate to add here that Bachchan is my favourite, not only for his poetry but prose also. I have all four volumes of his autobiography and am quite impressed with his writing skills. About the others, I have'nt heard much about them so can't comment.

And if I were you, I wouldn't give a damn to what this bollywood club makes out of my thoughts. (save for Mrs. Bachchan who really is a respectable figure.)

Indrajal Comics Club said...

And if I were you, I wouldn't give a damn to what this bollywood club makes out of my thoughts. (save for Mrs. Bachchan who really is a respectable figure.)

that was a joke )))))


kareena is with saif na!!! thats why )))

TPH said...

hmmmmm, may be not the politician Jaya Bachchan but the actress Jaya Bhaduri has some respect in my eyes. Not many enjoy that.

Purvesh said...

Thnks TPH for this post. I was just looking over for ACK Ravindranath Tagore, and the next day i found in this blog. Also one request, if u have ACK Kalpana Chawla, thns pls post tht also.

Anonymous said...

Can we get this one in English as well?

Vikas said...

English version Please if available ?