Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ACK-090 and ACK-091 "Battle of Wits" and "Vasavadatta"

We are happy to present a double treat for our readers on the special occasion of Holi. Hope you find these interesting.

ACK-090 "Battle of Wits"

ACK Description:

All living creatures die to be born again, according to Hindu belief. Legend has it that several lifetimes as a Bodhisattva went into the making of the Buddha, the enlightened one.

The Bodhisattva came in many forms - man, monkey, deer, elephantom, lion. Whatever his mortal frame, he spread the message of justice and wisdom, tempered with compassion. This wisdom of right thinking and right living is persevered in the Jataka TAles.

We cannot assign a definite date to the Jataka Tales. Taking into account ardhaelogical and literary evidence, it appears that they were compiled between 300 B.C. and A.D. 500. They give us invaluable information about ancient indian Indian civilization, culture and thought.

According to Maha Ummagga Jataka, the Bodhisattva was once born as Aushadh Kumar, the son of Seth Shrivardhana of Yavamajjhaka. This Chitraa Katha recounts a few tales of the childhood of Aushadha Kumar.

(33 pages, 1200 px wide, 8.9 MB)
Script: Yagya Sharma
Illustrations: Ram Waeerkar
Cover: Ram Waeerkar

ACK-091 "Vasavadatta"

ACK Description:

King Pradyota wanted to be considered greater than neighboring king Udayana who famous for his ability to cast a spell on elephants in the enemy army. Pradyota plants a white elephant in the forest at the common boundary of their rival kingdoms, tricking Udayana into coming to get it. Pradyota's men waiting inside the fake elephant, capture Udayana.

Chided by Udayana for unbecoming conduct, Pradyota offers to free him if Udayana teaches him how to cast a spell on elephants. Udayana demands homage due to a guru for the instruction. Pradyota considers it demeaning and asks Udayana to teach a hunchback instead. The hunchback is none other than his daughter Vasavadatta who is told that the guru is diseased and so they would be separated by curtains. In the course of this instruction, a verbal tiff between teacher and taught brings them face-to-face and the inevitable happens...

This old story has been narrated in Pali prose and Sanskrit verse and has provided plots for two Sanskrit plays.

 (35 pages, 1200 px wide, 8.85 MB)
Author:Meena Talim
Illustrator: Pratap Mulick 
Cover:  Pratap Mulick

Wishing all the visitors and readers of this blog a very happy and colorful holi.


Unknown said...

Thanks for these comics...you are posting comics with a renewed fervor..

Amith Nag said...

"Battle of Wits" was a really nice story. Thanks :)

TPH said...

@Apoorva Chandar: Welcome. I have some plans for this blog. If everything goes accordingly, we'll see every single issue of ACK here at this blog sooner than expected by anyone.

About scanning frequency, I have been able to devise a method which takes 25 minutes flat for scan+photoshop an issue. (24 minutes for scanning and 1 minute for photoshop). Previously it was 1 hour scanning and 2 hour photoshop. Was difficult to spare so much of time. But now frequency has gone up. :-)

Always very nice finding you here.

TPH said...

@Amit Nag: Thanks and welcome Amit. Hope to continue bringing more such issues. Happy reading.

Dhaval said...

Great posts TPH..

Jataka has always been my fav.. this one was a real good story, I remember reading Vasavadatta as a kid and it sure brings back lots of memories..

And as you and Prabhat have spoiled us all, we hope to see more and more ACKs in coming days.. :)
Keep up.

TPH said...

@Dhaval: Thanks. I also like these tales. Very sweet stories with a purpose. Certainly more are on their way, and a few new changes too. Keep coming :-)

Rafiq Raja said...

Phantom Head: Nice comic. I would love to hear your new technique on Scanning in the said time.

will contact you through mail on the same.


Unknown said...

@TPh-that is great news. would very much like to know what that method is. More ACKs (in whichever blog they are posted) means more good news for the fans. And all the ACKs will be up online in no time.

adibud34 said...

Wow, thanks so much TPH! These comics are a nice treat to read! I was just wondering about Vasavadatta - do the couple ever reconcile with her father? The comic didn't mention that at all!

Sridhar said...

Thanks very much for these lovely books TPH !

TPH said...

Rafiq Raja: Thanks. Please drop me a mail at:

I would love to share any info with fellow comic lovers. You are most welcome.

TPH said...

Apoorva Chandar: Please contact by mail. My ID is there in response to Rafiq's comment.

TPH said...

@aditya: Welcome. Please read my answer to your question in this post:

Answer to Aditya's query

TPH said...

@Sridhar: Thanks and welcome. You can expect many more in near future. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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vikki said...

Thanks nice post :)