Friday, May 2, 2008

ACK-007:Birbal The Witty

Update (6th Jan 2009): Hindi version added.

Its again a contribution from Frank,thanks to him.Friends there is only one way to keep this blog alive and that is in form of contributions as to run two blogs simultaneously is a very difficult job for a single person.
So persons having scans of ACK are requested to contribute them and i will be posting them here or alternatively one can request TPH to allow him/her administrative rights so that he/she can post to the blog directly.

Download Comic (English)

Download Comic (Hindi)

"Hindi version was first posted at Ashish Pathak's Comic World by Ashish. He will contribute more ACK scans in future too. Thanks Ashish".- PBC (6th Jan, 2009)


Atma said...

Pleased to see update on this blog at least someone who said he will quite is back.

Keep posting.....
Since no one is posting these days I am sure people at going to like this.

PBC said...

Hello CW!
Although I’m also running a blog, I will like to join your company. I have few ACK collected from internet. Some of my friends are ready to send me scans. In December 2008 visiting India, I’m personally planning to buy a lot of physical copies, scan and post. Last year I wished to post all ACK in my blog or start a blog. As you launched the blog, I dropped my plan.
For ACK lovers it will be comfortable to collect from this blog, so let’s try.

Comic World said...

Prabhat: You are welcome for any sort of contributions as its needed badly for survival of this blog 'coz for me its very hard to maintain 2 blogs at a time.
You can send your contributions directly to me or i can grant you posting rights to the blog where you can directly post to the blog.Let me know what you say.Thanks

PBC said...

Dear CW!
Please provide administrator rights. You have my gmail address. I’m interested in the survival of this blog. The history and mythology of India should be spread in the world.

Anonymous said...

thank you frank for your contribution and thank you CW for changing the status for posting the comments.
i really hope this blog goes a long way after its shaky start. and my thanx also goes to Prabhat for willing to put in his efforts. so we hope to see a continious flow of postings on this blog, and yes spreading the new,message of ACK blog.
thank you all

Prashh said...

Thanks guys..please keep this going ..cheerio and all the best

Anonymous said...

Its good to see this blog up and running. It would nice if Prabaht joins in and posts his Acks. I love Birbal stories. Many thanks for this Frank and CW

Where is TPH?


Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Excellent Comic Post. Thanks, Frank & CW for posting this. This was one of my favorites...Thanks to Prabhat for future contributions. Have posted the news of this post on my blog...

comic60 said...

Thanx, this is one of my favourites.

Purvesh said...

Thnks for posting one more ACK. I m very happy to see the post after a long time. I wished all ACK uploaders to continue their gud work.

vikki said...

Thanks for posting this series many links around the web are mostly dead it made easier to collect on your site