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The Sun Dynasty or Solar Dynasty or Suryavansha is one of the most prominent dynasties in the history of Hinduism, along with the "Chandravansha" or Lunar Dynasty.

Harischandra, in Hindu religious texts is the 28th king of the Solar Dynasty. His legend is very popular and often told as a benchmark for an ideal life. He was renowned for his piety and justice. His name is Sanskrit for "having golden splendour". Harischandra had two unique qualities. The first being, he kept his word and never went back on what he uttered as a promise. The other being, he never uttered a lie in his life. These twin qualities were tested heavily in his life by various circumstances that led him to penury and separation from his family. But he stood to his principles in the face of all ordeals and persevered to become a symbol of courage. He ruled over Ayodhya long before Dasaratha the father of Lord Rama.

The story as it has come down to us has many variations from the original narration in the Markandeya Purana (Books VII and VIII) (download original text).

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It's an AJNAABI's work, all credits goes to him.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Prabhat. Appreciate the effort. I wonder if anyone has some of the titles that are not in print. There are about 100 titles that have not been in print for a long time.

pattu said...

Thanks a lot Prabhat.
Good work Ajnaabi. Wish we could call you by a proper name

HojO said...

One of the MY FAVORITIES! :-)

Though I'm not as much crazy as like for IJCs,but i collect ACKs whenever get a chance,,,thse are real gems too!!
There are some SPECIAL issues I always loved to read,,,like those ACKs on Hindu Rajas,Hindu Mythology or several other charcters like Parshuram/Guru Nanyak/netaji/Rana Pratap etc etc...there r sooo many!!

Also those Panchatanra/Jatak's tale/Gopal Bhar are the gems ,,,I simply loved panchatantra's unique animal stories!!!

And last but not the least,we ALL are fond of the Art-work in ACKs,,ain't??? I simply loved their illustratn/coloring n proud for d fact...those are dome by Indian artists...

Unknown said...

Well, thanks ajnaabi for the scan and prabhat for the summary, really its great to see ACK is kicking back in action.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ACK for coming back. We know its a difficult task to maintaining two blogs but just post once in a while as per your convenience but please dont go permanently.


PBC said...

Deepak: Welcome! Few more rare ACKs are in the collection of my friends. I think, collective work will give us chance to see all in this blog.

Grouchy's Comics: Welcome. “Ajnaabi” is the nick name, as long he will be “Ajnaabi”, tons of ACK we will have. His request to us, not make him too popular. I think we understand why.

Dara: ACK has great contribution to spread Indian history, mythology, culture, folk tales in the world. Through these I get acquainted with the classical works, now try finding time to read the originals.

Phuktya: Welcome. Planning to post every Friday or Saturday one. Next 18 posts are scheduled to post every Friday. Keep visiting.

Anon: Thanks for understanding. I’m too running two blogs and three businesses. I’m personally started collecting all ACK physical copies again. In worse case, at least 1-2 posts will come every month, but hope I will follow my weekly plans.

Anonymous said...

thank you sooooooooooo much
keep it up


Anonymous said...

thank you and keep up the good work

The Comic Project said...

This is an excellent site!! I loved ACKs. still do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Prabhat

Universal Speck said...

Good work, Prabhat. Came here via ACK was a big part of my childhood-cherish every comic I've read of theirs..Are you planning to scan the Mahabharatha series as well?

PBC said...

ruchi: You're welcome.

masayo: Welcome.

The Comic Project: Welcome. Glad to know that you are with us. Thank you very very much for “SUPPORT”. Hope, one day we all together will say, “WE HAD DONE IT”.

Anon: Welcome.

Universal Speck: Welcome. Planning to post all ACK, including rare. If you have any ready scans or rare copies, please check with me. It will help all of us.

Anonymous said...

Prabhat,fantastic effort,keep it up.
"ACK has great contribution to spread Indian history, mythology, culture, folk tales in the world"
...truly so.
Thanks for the comic.

PBC said...

Chandan: You are Welcome.

Colonel Worobu said...

Is Ajnaabi the same person who posted the excellent Enid Blyton Famous Five comics in the free comic blog site?

PBC said...

Yes, in his scans there is his signature.

vikki said...

Very good one Thanks love ACK