Monday, January 12, 2009

ACK-056, 057 & 058-059-060: Jataka Tales - The Giant And The Dwarf, The Priceless Jem & Bumper Issue 30- The Rightful King and other stories

Post ACK-046: Gandhari is updated. First two pages are available now.
Jataka Tales, like the tales of panchatantra are very old and have a long tradition of being passed on from generation to generation serving as source for moral behaviour for humans in general. These stories are stories of wisdom, and morals written around 300 B.C in a language called PALI, which were later translated and distributed to people across the world. These stories are mainly about past incarnations of Buddha, and are meant to teach the values of self-sacrifice, honesty, morality and other didactic values to a common person. They are a total of 547 in number. They really make interesting reading just like the counterparts in Panchatantra.

Here are some Jataka Tales.

ACK #246 (#575) The Giant And The Dwarf - A Jataka Tale

ACK #362 (#672) The Priceless Jem - A Jataka Tale

Download Comics (HQ) (43.78 MB)

Download Comics (8.96 MB)

Bumper Issue 30 - Jataka Tales - The Rightful King and other stories

It contains
#195 (#553) Jataka Tales - Jackal Stories
#264 (#617) Jataka Tales - The Hidden Treasure
#426 (#614) Jataka Tales - True Friends

Download Part 1 (HQ) (50 MB)
Download Part 2 (HQ) (50 MB)
Download Part 3 (HQ) (39.82 MB)

Download hjsplit to join HQ files.

Download Part 1 (8.98 MB)
Download Part 2 (7.78 MB)
Download Part 3 (7.54 MB)

These are Apoorva's Contributions. All credits & thanks go to him.
P.S. ACKs are one of my favorites. But one thing is above my understanding: the numbering system of ACK. Same comics is printing with different numbers and different Bumper issue as same. Just take a look at this & earlier posted bumper issue, both are #30.


Colonel Worobu said...

Let me be the first to thank you. This is really good stuff to read! Many thanks to Apoorva and Prabhat.

PBC said...

Colonel Worobu: Thanks. A senior well known fan like you, even in last show active presence, it's honor to blog & contributors. Apoorva is new born star. My perditions say, he is going to shock ACK world. In this man fire to share with others which I found very few persons in my life. Your appreciations will encourage him.

Anonymous said...

thank youuuuuuuu sooooo much for the wonderful work you are doing .......

Amith Nag said...

2 postings in 2 days? Way to go!!

Samik said...

2 collections in 2 days indeed... Thanks a ton... ab yeh dil maannge more!!!!

Unknown said...

prabhat, i am certainly flattered by your praise.

AJAY said...

Dear Apoorva Chandra
great scanning . Keep it up .


PBC said...

Ruchi: Welcome. You are the most active regular visitor. I’m really not motivated by comments, but whenever I miss your comment, think, where my friend is. You are from start always with me, thanks for your active presence & support.

Amith Nag: Welcome! Brother promised to post 150+ ACK, if now will increase numbers of post, unable to fulfill my promise. The selfless contributors are so fast, I would have to add some extra hours in a day. No one forced me, give words, now time to follow.

Samik: Welcome! Brother, in this post 5 ACK, although it looks like 3ACK. But I’m not going to post more than 365 this year, because only 365 days are in this year. That is why next post is coming after 5 days.
If silent visitors (not as anon, but with a name or nick name- we are not going to search, or inform police that you downloaded it) would start thanking contributors (NOT ME) while downloading), THANK YOU DEAR ….(contributor), they would spare only few seconds. Contributors will be recharged in such a way that publisher will have to start publishing new ACKs (by the way they are going to start).
I’m just posting. But without such a contributory team, these 100% free posts would be not possible with such a speed. But where I have to ask, friends, what you wished to read, after that only 51 persons voted in 7 days (I know, not only 51 had downloaded comics, but many more), how they can find time to write “Thank you …..(contributor)”. People are busy, bhai. Isn’t it? Only contributors have plenty of time.
If seriously 150+ are coming. You see, There is a selfless scanning team (I’m not scanning, there are so many ACKs flowing, hardly find time to post) on public service. They are providing & ready to scan more without any thanks.

Apoorva: You deserve it my friend, people like you are rare. I wish you never lost your good attitude. Life is too crude, but not use others & not be used too. Be good for good only. You see a legendry scanner, Ajay, visited to thank you.

Ajay: Thanks! Your presence will certainly encourage him.

adibud34 said...

Another cool job as usual! Thanks very much to both of you - Prabhat and Apoorva!

Anonymous said...

My many thanks for posting these comics. I used to read every single ACK during my childhood days. I used to own a huge collection of ACK and Tinkle. Sadly it was all sold by my uncle when I left home for higher studies.
This blog has brought back some wonderful memories.

Anonymous said...


What a rich trove

Many thanks

Sridhar said...

Pricless Gems !!

Rajeev Sharma said...

hi parbhat... thanx... but many of the files dont open... never countered this problem before in ur blog... plz look into it

the files that dont open are

Bumper Issue 30 - Jataka Tales - The Rightful King and other stories

the last two parts dont open

ACK #362 (#672) The Priceless Jem - A Jataka Tale

this file doesnt open

the mediafire says that the link might have been removed by the uploarder or it shows general error

PBC said...

adibud34: Welcome! :)

Alka: Welcome! Happy to know that we are going in right direction. Bringing happiness & memories back. :)

Sridhar: Welcome!

PBC said...

Rajeev Sharma: Welcome friend! Today mediafire is down. Please, try tomorrow. I checked, all files were in folder, but through blog many links were not opening. I'll check today late night or tomorrow again. Don't worry I'll reload, if....... :)

The Comic Project said...

Excellent comics buddy. Have read them all and love each one of them. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Superb! I have been collecting all the English comics ever since this blog started.

Rajeev Sharma said...

thanx parbhat.. the links are working fine now

Anonymous said...

I'd like to make an appeal to my fellow ACK-philes. In spite of this blog which preserves the unforgettable stories and illustrations digitally, I would urge all of you to purchase your own copies of every title. Not everything all at once, but slowly over a period of time as and when it is monetarily and practically possible. I like electronic copies. But there is a certain charm to books that gets lost in the digital format.

Unknown said...

completely agree with you deepak. but we can also save the environment and forests by purchasing the digital ebooks which are available on the official amar chitra katha site.

there's nothing wrong in doing our bit for the environment.

ACK-philes can also go hunting in second hand book shops.i found a good number of ACKs this way.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the environmental impact of buying books, Apoorva. I also like buying used(old) ACKs. They have an appeal that is missing in the new glossy covers available now.

PBC said...

Ankush: Welcome!

TCP: Welcome!

Anonymous: Welcome!

Rajeev Sharma: Welcome!

PBC said...

Deepak: Welcome, friend! :)
Thanks for your active presence.
I'm 100% agree with you about collection of physical copies. I already started, many old issue bought through a friend (still not send money, he is interested to meet face to face, always says don’t hurry).

Once, I had no contributors, I wanted to buy all printing ACK once & ship here- scan & post all. In this period, Ajnaabi & others allowed me published ACK scanned by them. And Ajay assured me, if no one would come forward, he would scan every ACK (almost all) alone. Now there are selfless contributors like ANON, Ajnaabi & others. That is why he is concentrating on other project (IJC), after completion will go fast as he scans IJC (unmatchable speed- as he is working, proud father of two wonderful kids & ……). This situation gave me time, but I don't drop the idea of buying rest (either from old shops or new from publisher). I wish my kids have all physical copies (not only kids, but for me too). In early age don’t want to encourage them to read only digital comics.

And there is one more point, the publisher had done very nice job. It’s really a master work to convert these into comics. Obviously it’s not possible to give all information in 36 or 100+ page, because the original work in hundreds or thousands pages without any picture, only words. Through these we came to know about Indian history & India’s heritages. In time of depression, when many Indian forget that most part of the world was not civilized or in early stage of civilization, in India not only people were writing about God, but philosophy, medicine etc too. The clear evidence of great Indian civilization says, it is minimum 4000-4500 old. One can easily understand to achieve this phase their roots goes deeper. This evolution had not benefited only Indian, but all people of world.

This is a 100% free blog, but without ACK many don’t had time to read extra materials of posts. May be I also not joined & carried on this project. Printing a comics need team of workers, whom the publisher pay. The purchasing of physical ACK comics will help them to bring us more gems.

Apoorva Chandar: I appreciate your environment saving attitude.

*“From environmental point of view, the books are better. There are many electronic devices needed for converting to saving process in digital forms. Like, Computer, scanner, cables & DVD\CD have many parts which are made of plastic. To return back in his natural form, it will take millions of years. Few grams of plastic will harm more than tons of books, if we go from environmental point of view.” What is impact of plastic- please check this link:

-About purchasing the digital ebooks which are available on the official site: In this case when people like will stop scanning (if you think your violating), people will go and buy. In one hand your scanning, other hands, says to go & buy digital.)

There is proverb:
If your house is made of glass, don't throw stones on others.

Personally I believe digital should be free as many publishers do. But we should buy (as much we can one or all) physical copies. It’s my opinion.

P.S.: I can say it confidentially from my technological knowledge (I’m M.Tech. & have some more degrees in other fields).

neha said...

hi apoorva,
i'm dying to read this stuff but alas ! can do i'm denied access.can u help me out

Anonymous said...


I am unable to download the comics, unsure if something is going on as all the downloads are marked as private. Any particular reason?

Thanks, Krish

Anonymous said...

hi there
im new to this blog pls tell me how can i reasd/download ur protected comics im intrested to read THE PRICELESS GEM but its not opening cause this is protected file

Anonymous said...

vikki said...

ACK #362 (#672) The Priceless Jem - A Jataka Tale,Bumper Issue 30 - Jataka Tales - The Rightful King and other stories These are not working set on private fix it pls