Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ACK 70: Buddha

Today this blog has completed one full year of its journey. We are very excited to watch the progress made so far and extremely thankful to all the contributors who have kept the enthusiasm of visitors and creators alive by constantly fuelling the blog with their precious scans, some of them rare and hard to find even in the ack official site.

When it comes to talk of team effort, we Indians are certainly not having the reputation to top the charts. But it is heartening to see so many known and unknown names coming forward and sharing their invaluable collection with others. Hopefully it continues the same way.



ACK's description
In the area on the present border of India and Nepal, there was a small kingdom in the 6th century before the Common Era. When the prince was born, fortune- tellers forecast that he would be either a great king or a great saint. The king took every care to keep him in a life of pleasure so he would become king, not saint. The prince grew to be a strong, handsome youth. Yet he was kind; he saved a bird struck by his cousin's arrow and so claimed the bird as his.

One day, on a ride outside the palace through the city, he saw a sick, an old and a dead man. Their sight opened his eyes to the suffering in the world and set him thinking. One night, he left his wife, newborn son and the palace and went in search of knowledge to end suffering in the world.

Writer: Prof. S. K. Ramchandra Rao
Artworks: Souren Roy
Cover Artist: P. G. Sirur
He traveled far and wide and went through many austerities but realized that, sorrow can be ended, not by starving t he body but by freeing oneself from desire. He set out teaching this. People called him Buddha ('the Enlightened'). He started preaching against animal sacrifice as the means to satisfy desires. Soon commoners and kings alike started listening to him. There were detractors too, but he came out unharmed through all their evil designs. Back to his town during his travels, he finally won over his own family to his teachings.

(34 pages, 1000 px wide, 9.4 MB)


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