Thursday, January 22, 2009

ACK-064: The Elusive Kaka

This out of print ACK (#289) is based on Masti Venkatesha Iyengar's play KAKANA KOTE.
Masti Venkatesha Iyengar: 1891-1986
He was born in Masti village of Kolar district. He passed MCS examination in 1913 and securing M.A. in 1914. As a civil servant, he held various positions of high responsibility in different parts of Karnataka, before retiring voluntarily in 1943. His long and diverse career of 3 decades was marked by total dedication to public service and exceptional administrative ability. And his wealth of experience as a bureaucrat gave immense inspiration for his literary works. His pseudonym Srinivasa is as popular as his native village Masti, in Kannada literary circles today.
Eventhough he started composing stories right in his earlier student days, his first published work became the history of modern Kannada short stories. And he was recognized as the “Brahma of Kannada Stories” (Forefather of Short Stories) . His works carry the best elements of literature in story form and with their inimitable language, narrative style and richness of theme and realities, powerfully relate to the readers. His story Subbanna, based on the life of a musician is a good example of this and it has been translated into several Indian and foreign languages.
Honours and awards:
1. “Brahma of Kannada Stories” (”Forefather of Short Stories”)
2. Jnanpith award which came to him in 1983 for his historical novel Chikkaveera Rajendra
1. ‘Kelavu Sanna Kathegalu’
2. Channabasava Nayaka
3. Chikkaveera Rajendra
4. 3-volume autobiography ‘Bhava’
5. Subbanna
6. Edited the monthly journal ‘Jeevana’ from 1944 - 1965
7. Written more than 120 books in Kannada
8. 17 books in English
  • Kakanakote
  • Kalidasa
  • Yashodhara
(~ From Karnatakavision)
Read more about him: Wikipedia

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It's contributed by Anonymous friend. All thanks & credits go to him.


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