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ACK-061: Ashwins to the rescue

ACK #319 (#669)

Ashwins, the twin brothers, twin deities (Devata-s) are generally identified as the father of the founder of Ayurveda. The word 'Ayurveda' comes from the word 'ayur' meaning 'life' and the word 'veda' meaning 'to know'. Ayurveda means 'the science of life', and is a medical system practiced in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal till day & well known in the world.

In Vedic literature Ashwins are among the 33 Devata-s. They are ever young and handsome, bright, and of golden brilliancy, agile, swift as falcons, and possessed of many forms; and they ride in a golden car drawn by horses or birds, as harbingers of Ushas, the dawn. "They are the earliest bringers of light in the morning sky, who in their chariot hasten onwards before the dawn and prepare the way for her." Roth.
As personifications of the morning twilight, they are said to be children of the sun by a nymph who concealed herself in the form of a mare; hence she was called Aswini and her sons Aswins. But inasmuch as they precede the rise of the sun, they are called his parents in his form Pushan.
Mythically they are the parents of the Pandu princes Nakula and Sahadeva.
Their attributes are numerous, but relate mostly to youth and beauty, light and speed, duality, the curative power, and active benevolence.They were the physicians of Swarga, and in this character is called Das and Nasatyas, Gadagadau and Swarvaidyau ; or one was Dasra and the other Nasatya.
Other of their appellations are Abdhijau, 'ocean born;' Pushkamsrajau, 'wreathed with lotuses;' Badaveyau, sons of the submarine fire, Badava. Many instances are recorded of their benevolence and their power of healing.

It can never be doubted that ancient sages and Ayurvedic surgeons had a very good knowledge of anatomy of body. Various body organs also find there name in Vedas. There structural anatomy has also been described in the Vedas (1700-500 BC - the oldest sacred texts of Hinduism).

These are four:
the Rigveda (1700–1100 BC),
the Yajurveda (1,400 - 1000 BC),
the Samaveda and
the Atharvaveda.

Rig veda has also contains certain references regarding the conditions of vaidya (physician) in those days. They were paid for there services and had a high reputation in the society. They are just considered equivalent to Gods. During those days there were three categories of vaidya (physicians), these were:
  • Shalya vaidya (surgeons)
  • Bhisohaks (physician)
  • Bhishk athatvans (faith cures)
It will be very surprising for many that surgery is mentioned in Vedas. Ashwani kumar, the twin brothers were the celestial physicians and surgeons who were extolled in many hymns for their cures of disease and feats of surgery. It is believed that they were experts in the orthopedics.

According to Hinduism, Brahma is the creator of the universe. He is said to be the originator of Ayurveda. The knowledge was the passed to Prajapati (lord of creatures). This knowledge was again passed to the Ashwins and then to Lord Indra* (the lord of all deties) who intern taught to seven rishis who approached to him. Thus the science of Ayurveda has been brought into the world through the celestials.

This ACK contains two stories in which Ashwins came to help their devotee.

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*Indra - King of the Devas or Devata-s or Deties. The King of Kings. Handsomest of the handsome. More powerful than the most powerful. Hero of the Rig veda. A warrior par excellence. Ruler of the heavens (Svargaloka). The god of War and Weather. One who can grant any boon. The eldest son of Kasyapa and Aditi. Resplendent with his loyal elephant and brilliantly bedecked horse. Wielding the vajra (thunderbolt) for a weapon, Indra, marks the beginning, the tallest figure in the Hindu pantheon in ancient times.
Above him only the principal trinity God of the Hinduism - Brahma , Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva).

It is contributed by Ajay Misra. All thanks & credits go to him only.


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Anonymous said...

But how do I download? Mediafire gives an error that the file is private and I would have to login to download. Is there something I am missing?

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